Serenity Young
Women Who Fly
Goddesses, Witches, Mystics,
And Other Airborn Females

Oxford University Press, 2018  S. 179, 180
“ Becoming a bird or being accompanies by a bird while in trance empowers the shaman to journey to the sky. For example, a Daur (Mongolian) shaman song states: >Putting on my bird skin I have flown away/Putting on my feather gown I have leapt out.< This song calls our attention to the shaman´s ritual dress, which is rich with bird and flying imagery, such images have been found dating back to the Bronze Age rock art in Siberia. For Mircea Eliade, shamanic clothing “constitures a religious hierophany and cosmography; it discloses not only a sacred presence but also cosmic symbols and metaphysic itineraries.”